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A Brides Interview with Hawaii Wedding Planner - Best Day Ever.

Please take a moment and read this before hiring our team.

  1. Q.How long have you been in the Wedding & Event Planning Business?

  1. A.The Best Day Ever Team has been in the business of planning Events and Weddings for over 10 years. Individually they have coordinated over
    100 events including, Weddings, Bridal Showers, Engagement Parties, Bachelor/ette Parties, Elaborate Theme Parties, First Birthday Parties, Large Scale Corporate Events, Radio Promotion Events, and Business Grand Opening Sales Events.  Founders Erika Uegawachi & Nicole
    Salmoiraghi joined forces to create Best Day Ever Hawaii in the beginning of 2011. Although long time friends, the two had not realized their coinciding similar passions and in 2011 - the Ultimate Event and Wedding Planning Team was “officially” born. 

  1. Q.We love your services and your portfolio, but can you tell me

a little about what sets you apart from other planners?

  1. A.Best Day Ever Hawaii is a full-service, full-time Hawaii Wedding Planning and Design Team based in

Honolulu, Hawaii focused on creating one of a kind, beautiful Hawaii Weddings. When you hire us you
are not getting a single planner - but a team of two full time professional planners. We do not have another
“day job” so you will never have to worry about us not having the time to return phone calls or emails
in a timely manner. It is our promise that we always respond to calls and e-mails within a day or two.
Because we work with a limited number of brides per year, once you join our team, you are always
a top priority.

Being an event planner in Hawaii for many years, we have connections to the best vendors on the islands
and we always match the vendors to your specific planning needs, style and budget. Hiring Best Day Ever
means you never have to do a traditional “google” search to the ideal photographer or caterer. We take
the time and do the research to ensure that every vendor we recommend compliments you as a couple
and fits into your ideal wedding needs.

We take a lot of pride in the fact that each of our weddings are completely unique. We get to know the bride and groom on a personal level to customize a wedding that is completely personalized and unique to your relationship. We ask questions to figure out your personal style and to get an idea about exactly what you would like your Dream Wedding to be like - then we use our expertise to execute your wants and needs. Because weddings are a passion of ours, we always go above and beyond for our clients. We know that it is the little details - that make a big impact.

Wedding Design- We are experts in design & assist all of our clients w/design on some level. With a background in event and graphic design, it is second nature to want to ensure your Wedding or Event is beautiful. Although most wedding planners do not focus in the look and feel of the day - this is a big priority for us. We want your guests to be “Wow’d” and we can assure you we will assist in making this happen.

Wedding Budget - We are the ultimate budget planners. We have lists on everything, vase prices, candy bars, invitation design, escort card design, tahitian dancers, caterers, chair covers, you name it - we probably know off hand how much it is and if and where you can get it cheaper. Let us get your budget in order and help you see what things really cost. We are experts and can help you decide what is really worth the big bucks and where you can cut costs.

A few other unique touches - We have created a charity called “Share the Aloha” in which we will assist you with donating any leftover florals to the elderly at Manoa Senior Care and the Childrens Cancer Floor at Kapiolani Medical Ctr. Even if it is just a single centerpiece or the arch piece florals, if you are open to make a donation we will take care of the details to ensure you have brightened somebody’s day.

Our clients will tell you that we are so much more than just budget planners, down to the minute timeline creators, seating chart organizer wedding planners - Although we do handle all of those things and more... We are your personal assistants in creating a “Once in a Lifetime Experience”. It is our promise to always give you straight-forward feedback while always being here for you emotionally as well. We do this because we love it... And we always grow to love each of our clients as well.

  1. Q.This all sounds wonderful but it also sounds so expensive - How can we afford this?

  1. A.It is common knowledge that it usually takes anywhere from 6 months to a year to plan a wedding. It’s also been said that it takes the average bride over 400 hours (thats ten 40-hour work weeks) to plan her wedding. It sound crazy I know - but you will soon come to see, if you haven’t already... It’s very true. We have had many clients say (after hiring us) they had no idea how many hours and dollars we were going to save them and they are so thankful they decided to hire us. Once they start seeing the monthly budget reports, seating chart breakdowns, design samples and vendor breakdowns, they understand just why they decided not to take this all on themselves. We’ve also had clients who decided not to hire us because we were “too expensive” only to come back later to say they had quadrupled their budget because they did not know what they were doing hoping we could come in at the last minute and “fix it”. Although we always want to help as every wedding such a special event to us, sometimes it is too late for us to come in and undo bad spending.

    So please take a moment to think about your dream wedding and visualize what it looks likes and how the experience will play out and then decide what that means to you. And if you think you might need our assistance in the execution of this once in a lifetime event, please call or e-mail us for a complimentary consultation so we can figure out how we can create your dream wedding or event together. 

  1. Q.Who do you work best with?

  1. A.We work best with brides and grooms who know what they want but either don’t have the time, or resources to execute what will likely be the biggest, most important event of their lives. If you have a pretty clear idea of what you would like your dream wedding to be like, look like, feel like, but have no idea how or where to get started, you are a perfect match for Best Day Ever Hawaii.

  1. Q.Who will not benefit from your services?

  1. A.When we first began, we would say “everyone benefits from our services”, but experience has taught us that this is not always true. If you are extremely skeptical about how a hawaii wedding planner can possibly help you and don’t see the value in our knowledge, experience and skills we might not be a good match. Also if you are on an extremely tight budget and can barely afford a bouquet, we might not be a match either. We never want to put any couple out of their budget or comfort zone and we find it extremely important to the success of the wedding that you must be open to our assistance to completely benefit from it. If you believe you are not deserving and/or absolutely cannot afford our services, we are probably not a good match for each other.  However, we can still offer you tons of FREE information on our blog. Tips and specialty Hawaii Wedding Q&A sections are updated daily. We would also recommend you sign up for our FREE REPORT to get our Top 5 Wedding Tips that can Save You Thousands.  

  1. Q.Will I lose control of my wedding if I hire you?

  1. A.You are always in control of every aspect of your wedding. It is your day - Period. We are merely extensions of you, taking over the many hours of behind the scenes leg-work that is involved in planning a large scale event. You still make all the big decisions and are completely involved in the creative process. We are merely assistants in creating your “Best Day Ever”. 

  1. Q.Do you work with vendors we have already found and hired?

  1. A.Of course. Chances are we already know them personally and understand how to best work with their system. We will also give you our opinion as to how they can be the best match for you.  Additionally if you have booked a few, but you need assistance with finding the last few vendors, we do have many budget friendly, reliable and excellent vendors at our fingertips that we can easily match with your needs.  

  1. Q.Do you have a payment plan?

  1. A.When you hire us we send you a “Welcome Packet” which includes a calendar of what to expect from us as well as what we will need from you (and when we will need it by). This way you always know what is going on and where you stand in the planning process. Included in this packet is a payment plan which outlines when each payment is due. 

  1. Q.Our venue comes with a “day of coordinator”, a “banquet manager” or a “catering manager”, so we’re really not sure if we need your services. What is the difference between their job and yours?

  1. A.One of the biggest misconceptions is that a “Banquet Manager” is the same thing as a “Wedding Planner”.  We have had so many banquet and catering managers literally “cheer” out loud when they find out their brides have hired us because they really hate seeing weddings go wrong, and they know that without us a ton of things will likely fall through the cracks and on their shoulders at the last minute, things that were not in their job description to begin with. In short, the banquet managers job (sometimes called your “day of coordinator” by your hotel) is there to represent the venue.  They will assist with menu selection and making sure the right number of tables and chairs are in place, and that the food comes out at the right times.  Meanwhile, your wedding planner, is there to represent you, to oversee all vendors- including the banquet manager, to assist all other vendors (photographers, videographers, cake designers, photobooths, etc), to assist w/your procession, rentals, timeline, sign-in table, table set up and breakdown, decor, florals and much much more.  In fact, we get asked this question so often, we decided to do a mini breakdown on “The Difference between a Banquet Manager and a Wedding Planner”... for a super simple, clear picture, click here.

  1. Q.We have heard that by hiring a Hawaii Wedding Planner, we will SAVE Money, is this true?

  1. A.Yes! By hiring a wedding planner early, we can save you thousands of dollars in several different ways.  Here are a few: We handle all misc. “Pick-Up and Drop Off’s” for you the day before and after the wedding so you don’t have to come back the next day and avoid extra fees from rental companies. We always do a professional review of all vendor contracts to assure you are getting the best possible deal and there are no extra or unforeseen hidden costs. We assist you with choosing the right vendors the first time, so you save money upfront and get a quality product. Want to learn more ways wedding planners save you money ? Click here.

  1. Q.How does the Destination Wedding Planning Process Work?

  1. A.With Destination Weddings - It is basically the same process and same amount of work as a local wedding, except we handle every aspect for you and you must trust us completely with our recommendations. We provide you with detailed packages based off of your needs. Each venue, floral, and vendor is provided with photos. We provide transportation directions and assistance as well as a “Locals Guide” to Hawaii for you and your guests. It is our priority that you and your guests enjoy a dream Hawaii Wedding and come to Love the Islands as much as we do.

  1. Q.Do you have liability insurance?

  1. A.Yes, we do have liability insurance which allows us to work with confidence under all situations. We have never needed it but we are protected to help you feel safe and secure - knowing that we are covered.

  1. Q.Are you involved with any charities? We love to give back.

  1. A.We are super excited about our charity called “Share the Aloha” in which we will assist you with donating any leftover florals to the elderly at Manoa Senior Care and the Childrens Cancer Floor at Kapiolani Medical Ctr.  We handle all details and even make a personalized card from you and Best Day Ever to go with each floral piece.  We have gotten remarkable feedback from Share the Aloha and are offering it to all Hawaii Brides. Even if it is just a single centerpiece or the arch piece florals, if you are open to make a donation we will take care of the details to ensure you have brightened somebody’s day. Please note, even if you do not hire us for wedding services, we would still be happy to involve you in “Share the Aloha”. To make a floral donation or learn more about Share the Aloha and our Hawaii Floral Donation Program, click here.

  1. Q.Do you take more than one wedding party per day?

  1. A.No we do not, we like to devote 12-24 full hours to each wedding and couple on your wedding day to ensure that you get the attention you deserve and we can give you the hours needed to ensure your dream wedding is executed flawlessly. With larger outdoor weddings and large scale weddings in general, we do not schedule more than one large scale (or outdoor) wedding per weekend as large scale outdoor weddings often involve much more attention, energy & time. If you already know your date and would like to check availability please send us an e-mail today. Our calendar for 2012 & 2013 is filling quickly - Holding your date requires a deposit of $350.00.

  1. Q.Sounds Great. How do we start the process? 

  1. A.The next step is to contact us at (808) 561-1957 or e-mail us for a complimentary “get-to-know-you” consultation. In this meeting we will discuss your needs, wants, hopes and dreams and go over details and pricing for each of our packages. We’d be happy to describe the entire process in detail and explain exactly what you would be getting from us if you hired us.

  1. Q.May we contact some of your former clients to see what it was like first hand to work with you?

  1. A.Of course! We have become very close to each of our clients and they are raving fans of our services. They would be happy to speak with you about their experience with Hawaii Wedding Planners - Best Day Ever Hawaii. Please e-mail us for contact information. Or you may read their testimonals HERE.

                        If you have any further QUESTIONS we would be happy to discuss them further by e-mail or phone. 

                                            A BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your Engagement!

                                                  We are so excited to meet you!   xoxo, Nicole & Erika

I want to thank Best Day Ever for the wonderful job they did on our wedding!  They really went above and beyond what we were expecting, and it really was a great event for us and everyone who attended.  I was really impressed with their professionalism and their design oriented ideas.  I'll be the first to admit, that as a guy I was more concerned with things like cost and making sure everything was taken care of than the details, but I ended up being blown away by all the little things that they did that really made the event shine and stand out.  After sending out our thank you cards, we are actually getting thank you cards from our guests saying how nice the whole thing was!  It is nice knowing you made a big impact on family and friends.

They really add a personal touch to the things that would otherwise go unnoticed.  If you are looking for something other than the normal run of the mill cookie cutter wedding, I would definitely recommend Best Day Ever!


Ken S.

Honolulu, Hawaii



5 out of 5

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