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I have been to several of Nicole’s events, and I must say - Nicole throws the sickest parties.... guaranteed great time with great memories. From the moment you enter the room, theres always a specific look and feel to the place from the music to the decor - it is always perfect! When I get married - there is no doub’t I’m having her do mine!!!

    - Bridget Rubino, 9/1/11


     A passion for creativity and an eye for beauty, Nicole is an amazing event planner. When she is a part of the planning team you know you are in good hands and will have an amazing time. Always organized and looking at the big picture, she is an innovator in the world of parties.

- Cecilie Maeda Burleson, 9/22/11

Best Day Ever - Hawaii’s Favorite Wedding Planner!


My now-husband and I found Erika & Nicole just about 2 1/2 months prior to our big day.  We had the very romanticized idea that we could plan our day on our own, but as two very busy working professionals with every intention to get a wedding planned, we just never got around to it. Boy, were we happy to have met them.  Erika & Nicole did an AMAZING job, whipping us into ceremony shape in the most-kind-but-firm way possible in such a short amount of time.  We valued their strong command of project management. They presented a very good approach to planning out each aspect of our big day, and kept sight of every detail.  We also appreciated the artistic vision these ladies brought to the table.  Nicole & Erika did a great job translating our vision for what we wanted the wedding to look like into a beautiful reality, listening a great deal to our often 'mish-moshed', vague descriptions and turning it into something memorable.  Lastly, we were also grateful with their suggestions of various price-control solutions, as keeping things on budget was important to us.  Besides their level of professionalism, these ladies are some of the most personable and approachable people you'll ever meet. They are great!

Mary D.

Laid Back

Type A Personality

Kailua, Hawaii

Mary Despe & Anthony Perrault • 2.18.12

“Erika & Nicole did an AMAZING job. We were so grateful for their suggestions of various price-control solutions - Keeping things on budget was important to us”

Best Day Ever was fantastic! If you can afford it, I would highly recommend a day-of coordinator. Erika & Nicole came to our rescue when our other day of wedding coordinator, Alicia Means, bailed out on us at the last minute without a word. What you pay for is peace of mind on your biggest day, and that is exactly what Erika and Nicole delivered.

From the first meeting, Erika and Nicole's thoroughness and warmth reassured us that our wedding would be handled carefully and professionally. Their wedding timeline was precise down to the minute (but also allowed flexibility), and both Nicole and Erika were constantly in touch with questions about our vision of our wedding, and to warn us of issues we had not thought of ourselves.

Another wonderful trait of Best Day Ever was their promptness. We were surprised to find so many people in the wedding business are very late or lazy in replying to correspondence. We loved that Nicole and Erika were very very prompt with replies. This further reassured us that they would handle any important issues as soon as they arose.

Tasha W.

Honolulu, Hawaii

“They really went the extra mile for us! In sum, Nicole & Erika were kind problem solvers throughout and invaluable.”

Quality of Service 5.0/5.0

Responsiveness 5.0/5.0

Professionalism: 5.0/5.0

Value: 5.0/5.0

Flexibility 5.0/5.0

Also, just a story to illustrate how Nicole and Erika went the extra mile for us: On the day of the wedding, as I was getting ready, we could not find my wedding shoes. They were blue flats that were supposed to be my "something blue." Not only did Erika offer her own slippers for the time being, but then they somehow found time during that hectic pre-ceremony period to buy cute blue slippers for our beach ceremony. Throughout the lead up and during the ceremony and reception, Nicole and Erika handled every request of ours patiently and expertly. We really felt we were in good hands from the get-go, and this allowed myself and my husband to relax and enjoy the wedding. Both stayed until the end of the reception, and we were just so happy with their help. In sum, Nicole and Erika were kind problem solvers throughout, and invaluable.

Go with Best Day Ever! They did an amazing job!

Thank You! posted 1/10/2012, TheKnot.com, by KSHAWAII

We had Best Day Ever do a full coordination for our wedding in November and couldn't be happier. There are a lot of planners to choose from but I'm really glad we went with them. They did a great job with the whole event, but what really sets them apart from others is the attention to detail and the design ideas that we couldn't find anywhere else. It really created a personal experience that we are still getting compliments for two months later. I was on the fence about about getting a coordinator for a while, but now that it is all over, I realize how worth it it was. They really took the load of work off us and did a much better job than we could have done on our own. Best Day Ever really came through and gave it that personal feel.

Kenji & Nicole • 11.11.11

Best Day Ever Rated 1/10/12

Value 5.0/5.0

Service 5.0/5.0

Quality 5.0/5.0

Kenji S.

“Now that it’s all over I realize how worth it it was.”

“She is an innovator in the world of parties”

If I weren't already married, I would definitely use Best Day Ever for my wedding. Heck, maybe I'll make my husband renew our vows just so I can have them plan the event. Not one detail was overlooked at the wedding they planned on 11.11.11 - right down to the basket of "dancing slippers" available for the ladies for the dance floor. The wedding was beautiful, perfectly orchestrated, but in addition to the perfection of the event, the bride and groom's true selves shined through... it was the BEST wedding I've ever been to - even better than my own (and I do events for a living). If you are getting married in Hawaii, Best Day Ever is your BEST BET EVER!

“It was the BEST wedding i’ve ever been to”

Jennifer P.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Cecilie M.

Jennifer P.

As a wedding videographer and vendor, we find it a privilege to work with Best Day Ever.  They are easy to work with, professional, and thorough in providing us the info we need to do our jobs well.  They are fun, creative, and thoughtful - and their weddings are fantastic!

“Best Day Ever is easy to work with, professional & thorough”

Manoa Productions

“From the music to the decor...   It’s always perfect”

Bridget R.

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