I got a BS in graphic design at a fancy private art school in Philadelphia and moved back to Hawai‘i to start working at an ad agency as a Creative Director.  I worked with big car and home builder agencies, designing, marketing and leading projects, but after 8 years, this "job"was starting to feel not-so-fulfilling. Then I met my soulmate, got engaged suddenly I was all about weddings. 

Best Day Ever started with the planning of my own wedding and I'm not joking when I say I went banana bonkers with the details.  With my previous experience in leading projects, my background in design, and my love for throwing parties - weddings was a dream come true.  After my wedding, I knew I had found my calling and decided to go at it full time.  Left the fancy desk job, and now I help other brides design their perfect wedding experience. 

Planning weddings is so much more than just a job for me.  I want my couples wedding day to feel like a fairytale, knock their guests socks off, and create a moment in time that will reflect not only their unique personalities but also create an intimate moment in time that showcases the sacredness of two soulmates finding each other.  Creating a dream wedding is more than the details, it is about creating a day you'll remember for a lifetime, your "Best Day Ever". 

The start of Best Day Ever ...

At Best Day Ever it is our goal to bring our couples from feeling overwhelmed and confused to secure and excited about their dream wedding. 

When I'm not planning weddings, you can find me chasing after my 3 boys, while tripping over legos and re-warming up my coffee in the micro for the 7th time. I also quite enjoy sneaking off with my hubby on grand hiking adventures, surfing and beach sunsets with wine. 

I help brides and grooms bring their wedding dreams to life.  It usually starts with a simple idea like "let's get married in Hawaii"and quickly turns into "omg it's totally overwhelming, is this really possible"?  This is usually where we meet.

I don't like to sugarcoat costs and will give you an overview of a personalized expected budget right at the start. I whole heartedly believe that wedding days and wedding planning should be fun and stress free. 

owner & lead planner, Best day ever hawai‘I


hey there, I'm

My destination wedding's a year away and I don't even know where to start! Eek! I live in Ireland and i'm getting married in Hawaii. We absolutely HAVE to get a wedding planner. Booking someone over the internet who you've never met before to plan THE biggest day of your life is a daunting task. From the word go I was instantly reassured and de-stressed. They were extremely professional, prompt and organised about getting in touch at the right time about all the important information. Our wedding was exactly what we wanted! It was perfect! All of our guests said it was one of the nicest wedding's they'd ever been to. All the vendors that were suggested were perfect. I would recommend anyone getting married on Oahu to use Best Day Ever. You will truly have the BEST DAY EVER!! Thank you again Nicole and Alyssa! You made our wedding dreams come true!"  
— Laura S., bride, Ireland

"you made our wedding dreams come true"

"My wife and I were nervous about planning a wedding in Hawaii remotely from Canada, but Nicole took care of everything! We talked about our vision for the day and at each step in the process, we were given their recommendations. If we had preferences besides what they had suggested they were more than open to that. If we had concerns with their suggestions, they were open to that discussion as well. But as it turns out, all of their suggestions were spot on! From the location and the florals to the officiant and music... everything was perfect! We were on vacation in Hawaii for 2 weeks and our wedding day was the LEAST stressful day of our holiday - I think that says it all. If you’re looking to plan a destination wedding in Hawaii, please consider getting a Hawaii wedding planner and look no further than Best Day Ever."
— Jeff Meers, groom - Canada

"Working with Best Day Ever was the reason we had the wedding of our dreams.."

"Nicole from Best Day Ever did such an amazing job helping us to plan our destination wedding. Being from Australia, planning a destination wedding in Hawaii seemed a little daunting, however Nicole was so responsive to emails and queries and always put my mind at ease. Vendor selection was so easy with Nicole and we were so excited to have the dream team of vendors for our big day. We will always remember our wedding day as one of our best days ever! Highly recommend Nicole and her team for any wedding planning in Hawaii"
— Stephanie K., bride, Australia

"We will always remember our wedding day as one of our best days ever!"

I would 100% recommended Nicole and Best day ever, she did such an amazing job organising our Hawaii beach wedding. She was always one step ahead with the organisation and was very prompt in responding to our emails. On the day everything was perfect, all of the vendors ie hair/makeup, photography, officiant, florist right down to the suggestion for our wedding dinner, that she organised and suggested we’re just simply amazing, I can’t thank Nicole and her team at Best day ever enough for all the hard work, we flew in to Hawaii from Australia I thought it would be stressful to organise a overseas wedding but I had absolutely no stress at all, all thanks to Nicole! Thank you! Dannielle + Kris"  
— Dannielle Maree Lynch, bride, Australia

"I would 100% recommend nicole and best day ever..."


Alyssa is a lead planner & Nicole's go-to on all things wedding related.  The other fabulous planner you'll probably be spending the most time with. 

LIKES: Volleyball, Hiking, the Beach 
DISLIKES: Traffic, Cats, Radio Commercials
EDUCATION: Univ. of Hawaii - Travel Industry Manag./Business
FAVE PART OF WEDDINGS: Hearing the couples recite their personalized vows.
WEDDING TIP: "Plan the wedding of your dreams, theres no need to impress people." 

The team

Danielle is a wedding coordinator and the secret sauce behind the scenes, guiding our couples through the months leading up to their wedding day. She's incredible with details and an integral part of the team.

LIKES: Family Time, Scary Movies, and Coffee 
EDUCATION: Univ. of Hawaii - Public Administration
FAVE FOOD: Anything Spicy
FAVE PART OF WEDDINGS: The First Look and the walk down the aisle
WEDDING TIP: "Take a deep breath and be fully present" 




Kristina is a wedding coordinator and obsessed with everything about weddings.  She handles all the planning details to make your wedding day run smoothly and is an expert at bringing your vision to life. 

LIKES:  Beach, Traveling and Photography 
DISLIKES: Cold Weather and Laundry
EDUCATION: California Polytechnic Univ., Pomona - Marketing and HR
FAVE FOOD: Sandwiches
FAVE PART OF WEDDINGS: Watching the couple lock eyes as they walk down the aisle
WEDDING TIP: “Breathe and enjoy every moment - the day goes by too fast!” 





Kayla is a wedding planner who loves details and organization.  Originally from Minnesota, she's new to Hawaii, but falling more and more in love with the islands every day.  She's an incredible coordinator and ready to help create your Best Day Ever!

LIKES:  Dogs, Beach days, and the Minnesota Vikings.
DISLIKES: Tomatoes and Driving. 
EDUCATION: University of Minnesota–Duluth, B.A.S in Psychology
FAVE FOOD: Ice Cream
FAVE PART OF WEDDINGS: Seeing how happy the couple looks after they are pronounced married! 
WEDDING TIP: “Take time alone as a couple to appreciate your first day being married!” 



These are my best friends in the world, and I've known most of these peeps since high school!


My third love (after Matt & photography, of course) is table setting! 


Matt and I actually met at the FIRST wedding I ever shot, and the bride introduced us!