Yizhao Zhuang, groom
Irvine, CA

First of all, I want to take the moment to thank Best Day Ever for their hard work. We found them through Yelp because they had the best reviews! And it turned out that we made the best choice by handing over the entire wedding planning to them. Before I start the review, I do want to highlight for anyone who is interested in working with the Best Day Ever gals. They are amazing, thoughtful and hard working people with just awesome personalities - like the Hawaii sunshine. They will deliver your dream wedding to you and exceed your expectations.

The wedding planning process can have frustrating and challenging moments. What we have been doing is to take a deep breath and call up Nicole to let them deal with it (thanks for being there for us all the time, I meant, really, all the time). Meanwhile, trust them and have faith in their abilities.

Anyways, here goes the detailed review and it is probably useful for the couples out there wondering what to do with their exciting wedding planning.

1. Price: Hawaiian wedding costs can vary. It really depends on what you wanted. My wife and I are middle class workers who just want to have an intimate dream wedding in Hawaii. We chose the full package because we simply don't have enough time to be spared from working life on the wedding planning. I have to say I was worried about exceeding our entire budget by spending much on the planners :) However, I was totally surprised and I am still not sure how Nicole made it happen but apparently Best day Ever gals used their magic and saved us over $10K in total and delivered the exact dream wedding setup for us. (I am guessing they have a very good local vendor connections and it seems like vendors really enjoy working with them) One thing I am pretty sure is that we will not be able to find such good deals with each vendor if we ordered by ourselves and we definitely will not be able to manage them all at the same time.

2. Availability and Service: As I mentioned earlier, Nicole was available to us pretty much 24/7 although we didn't want to abuse it by calling them 4 in the morning (time zone difference between California and Hawaii).They are very responsive to questions and concerns. They were able to answer every single question thoroughly and follow up on the action items immediately. They really listened carefully and paid attention to the details.

We weren't sure about many details on how to setup the wedding in the beginning but they were so patient and they presented us many possible solutions to pick. I have to say there are so many details that we could have missed if we planned the wedding by ourselves. Nicole is very knowledge and professional and was able to cover every single detail for us.

On the wedding day, we missed one of the computer cables and we couldn't use the computer for our family photo presentations. Nicole volunteered to drive all the way back home during traffic hour to pick up the right cables for us (thank you Nicole btw).

Overall, Best Days Ever is not like any other service businesses that I have dealt with. Their core value is not to make money. They are there to bring you the ultimate happiness. I did get a very strong feeling that the goal of Best Days Ever is not only to deliver the dream wedding - what the couple have asked for, but also to exceed everyone’s expectations by bringing their unique Hawaiian spirits.